S3 Starts with a bang.

Our college, being ranked among the best in the country owes that credit to some of the unparalleled teaching geniuses working among the staff. It was always noted and said many a time that MOST of our teachers were just out of the world beings, one’s who could just come to class and teach entire subjects at a stretch without anything as little as a glimpse into the text books. The following might tell you why.

We started the third semester two months ago. And like always, we have new teachers, and new subjects. One of these dealt with heat transfers and stuff, which a mere mortal like me still finds pretty hard to comprehend. I was trying to study it for the series exam tomorrow. And then this incident flashed on my mind. Since I’ve already officially given up hopes of passing the exam, I thought I’d just come here and put this much down, hoping to give life to my wheezing, dying blog.

So where was I. Ah yes, Heat transfer.

So this Sir. Let us call him Mr. X.(For the sake of mine sessional marks in the unlikely event of him coming across this post). So Mr. X is teaching us about heat. I’m as usuall nodding off in class(so are many more people); my upper torso on the verge of falling over- thanks to another late night the day before, wasting time fruitlessly online. And it happened before I could control it.


Mr. X: “ Ellarum enthade oru ksheenam pole, orakkam thane” (Why is everyone so sleepy?)

Some wiseguy: “Sir this is a BIT boring”.

Mr. X:

This might be boring. Let me make the class a bit more interesting. Let us talk about wider topics. <loads of blah blah>. Anyone know what re-entry is?”

Another wise guy: “Term used for when a space vehicle returns to the atmosphere”

Mr X: “ Correct!. Now the speed at which the vehicle returns is approximately 20 thousand miles per hour. Due to the friction with air, that generates a heat of kakkathollayiram into ten raised to 5 joules per centimetre”

*Class sits up straight. People are definitely getting interested*

Mr X Continues:

“So proper heat insulation is mandatory for the space vehicle. NASA has developed different substances for that. Example, silica tiles.

VSSC il insulation tiles research chaiyunan oru main character njan anu (I’m one of the main people doing research about this at VSSC)

We have developed a new material and tested it for heat resistance and then we plotted a graph.

This is the graph I got *Draws a graph*

And this is the graph NASA got for their material *Draws a strikingly similar graph*

Iee subject ile RANDU international paper ente peril anu. Njan ezhutiyata. Ente peru google chaitu nokiya kaanam (Two international papers in this subject are by me. You can get it be googling my name)

*explodes*Basically njan ithrem valia oru sambhavam anu

Ah ente classilanoda neeyokke kedanu orangune ? ninakonum naanam illeda.

Itoke bhayankara interesting anu.. itonum arinjodate neeyonum orukaalatum pass akan ponila. Gonam pidikathilla

Alla pinne”

(Basically I rock. And how dare you sleep in MY class. Shameless creatures. This is an interesting topic. Without knowing all this, you will never pass anything.. be damned)

Audience: “blink blink”



7 Responses to S3 Starts with a bang.

  1. Arun says:

    Guess one of u shud hav stud up nd askd..”Sir,Hw xactly do u plan to test if it wrkz…??!!”:D

  2. vVk says:

    heyy syam……..

    best way 2 preach our fellow tutors!![:D]

    I dint even noe tht Mr.”X” is soooo kathi!!!


    keep on rockn \m/

  3. OMG!!

    This guy looks like a REAL puli! (Not to be taken literally).

    I still can imagine the expression at your face, when you heard this. Even I’m in that stage now. 😐

    Nice to see the “old” syam back! 🙂

  4. Praveeen says:

    read this in sctce blog.
    and now anxious to know who this kalippu thaaram is..
    passed out of sct ..production branch last year(2007)..
    might be someone i know…
    sessioalonnum pedikkanda…hehhe…allengilum onnum kittaan ponilla

  5. allirekha says:

    enteeeswara ithokke enghane sahikunu!!! 😀

    hey new to ur blog 🙂 !!!
    nice blog!

  6. shiv says:

    “njan oru sambhavama” ROTFL

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