Yes, I’m back and hopefully for good. The short break I took wasn’t so short. I got too busy with Semester exams and stuff. And before that my computer crashed. Anyway, now that I’ve finally opened this notepad I will write something I wanted to for a long time now.


The LOBA, Annual General body Meeting-hereafter referred to as the AGM- is set to happen this year on the 17th of August. Most years we have the AGM at the Loyola campus. However, on a rather old old boy pointing out that the best AGM’s ever to be held were held at Trivandrum club, the venue this year has been shifted to the Trivandrum club. This venue is also more suitable for a family gathering, as it is not so far as Loyola is from the city. The programme will begin at 5:30 in the evening and go on till 9 or 9:30.

Last year, when I had joined LOBA, I then itself got “appointed” as the joint secretary(grr id like to know who did that). And I used to think it was pretty easy running the show. On the way I’ve heard criticisms of how the committee functions. I thought maybe its just a talk, and maybe we’ll pull out a spectacular show at the back to school programme. With DP being the chief guest, a large audience was expected. Thinking along those lines, the committee arranged for large amounts of food, which turned out to be a mistake as only 120 people turned up. Now 120, is a normal attendance for an AGM. But as like every year, we overestimate the number and order huge quantities of food, causing a financial loss to the committee.


(on a personal note)

Why I like the OBA.

When I left school I was kind of sad, just like every other classmate. Sad because we knew that we are leaving the happiest days of our lives behind us, because we knew, like every other kid leaving that place, that life wont be the same again. They may say that college would be a happier place, it is SO happening, etc, but I’m sure that all the Loyolites agree with me that they pleasure we find in the company of a Loyolite gang is unsurpassed.

And most of the gang says they’ve found good company there. So have I, but I still think that I’ve found better company by joining up as the LOBA joint secy, than joining college. People two times my age have given me better companionship than those in class.

I’ve found friends from every branch of the Loyola family tree. And what wonderful people they are. I’m always proud to say that I know people from the very first batch of Loyola. Isn’t that what the OBA is all about? Knowing people and keeping in touch ? Myself, I am a social animal (as a teacher told me at school once). I love making new friends.

I’ve noticed that, once you are in that gang, whenever you need a help, be it anything in life, you will always know the right people to ask. We have contacts- important contacts- from every field imaginable. I’ve always felt that whenever ive wanted to know about something etc, I’ve always knew where to turn to. Is 2 hours of your time at a nice venue too much to pay for that?

To The Critics:

I’ve felt many times that many people do not agree with the way LOBA functions. It is easy for them to criticise. Many people do not realise that a handful of people spill cash out of their own pockets to run meetings etc. Never is a rupee touched from the fund that we have as deposit. Every time a loss was incurred at the AGM or any other programme; someone had taken up that cost. It costs them a lot of money, time and energy to organize something like this. It is just too sad to see that not many people realize it. I know there are many, who will turn up for the occasions, not for the grandeur of it, but just because they want to relive their school lives, meet old friends. This is a request that as many of you as possible try to make it to the place and help recreate the school days we soo miss. I really hope that many more people feel that way this time and try to make it there on the 17th of August.


2 Responses to LOBA – AGM

  1. Whoa buddy… I’ve been wondering why no one posted about OBA for long… Good to read it right from the horse’s mouth. 🙂

    And yeah, I’ve always wanted to join LOBA. But finances always seem to be a big crunch. God forbid, I hope I’ll be able to fork out 650 bucks and join up this time, at least.

    I’m sure you won’t argue with me when I say that LOBA IS the best thing that has ever happened to our alma mater… 😛


  2. Hailey says:

    Nice article. It came up up within my feed this morning.

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