Syam 1
Heya there,
Most of you reading this should know me. And for those of you who don’t, im just another guy who spent 13 years in Loyola and still din’t get enough hehe. Just though i’d find something to do in the vacations as otherwise im bored out of my mind. Don’t want this to be like another boring maths class heh.

So mostly these write ups are meant for all those senior loyolities who left the place and are eager to know what is up here. Do read brothers. 🙂
Let me know what you think through the comments:). Thanks

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Recent posts:-

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49 class clowns( to say nothing of the teacher) . School anecdotes.

The best blone joke ever.

LA Fest and the Ex(?)Loyolite.


And for the old boys…”Nothing is permanant except change.”


-Syam AKA The Quibbler


21 Responses to Syam

  1. vivek says:

    hi syam, good job da. but make the home page a little more short and crispy so that people who start reading don’t fall off midway.

  2. Subin Koshy says:

    Great,Improve on it da.Dis wil surely b gr8.

  3. theloyolitediaries says:

    Thanks people. Well Vivek chetta. This i think is an OKAY thing for a starter. Don’t you think. Umm.. ok il try to improve

  4. Hermione Ginger says:

    The script was great indeed but rn’t there more loyolites to share their experience? and Miss deepa pillai will also hav to say something of her own. Wish u had let her know. (hope u won’t count this as an idea of a nutter ;))

  5. bibinhio says:

    Hi da…
    yeah i also think we shuld let dp knw…
    neway…check out the profiles page i started and let others know will u….
    i am not goin 2 b here 4 a few days…

  6. The Quibbler says:

    Hah nice idea there. I think il post it to DP and ask her what she thinks. BTW BB… new post in the making and its COLLOSSAL

    and i just came back from b’lore too

  7. Saira says:

    YOU HAVE A COMMENT FROM ME SYAM – YOU NOW HAVE 7 COMMENTS!!! Btw liking the blurred pic…

  8. Remya says:

    Good work, friend!!

  9. Kiron Noronha says:

    you asked for a comment…so here is one….
    its like a good quality Rubber balloon filled with air……the skeleton is all that is needed and all that is good.but judging by the sheer volume of the afore said skeleton itself i think you have done the commendable job…though you can improve it by leaps and bounds….personally i wouldnt define THIS as our batch website,but since Syam is the only one who has the time for something like this i think he should be given the credit he deserves,the hard part being deciding exactly HOW MUCH credit.

  10. Kiron Noronha says:

    PS:sitting at home for so long has thickened my skin to such an extent that i wouldnt care about anything what an ingrate says.

  11. The Quibbler says:


  12. Anadi says:

    awesome job syam…good luck

  13. Kiron Noronha says:

    Peace bro.

  14. Kiron Noronha says:

    ignore earlier post……..damn thing is actually extremely good………..once you take the time to read through all of this…..and Thanks.

  15. Kiron Noronha says:

    earlier meaning the one from weeks ago…….

  16. Kiron Noronha says:


  17. Kiron Noronha says:

    i could go on all day……

  18. The Quibbler says:

    Heya there, i’m back.
    Thank you my friend. May life be good to you too.

    @Kiron hehe nice to see you read all the so called junk after all. 😀
    thanks bro

    Ye i followed you advice.. partially
    the front pages crisp i guess
    but if anything it has grown longer
    in fact GIGANTIC
    than short mwah


  19. Deepu John says:

    Syam – thanks for the update and the write up. I am from the 86 batch and it was great getting this update. My time at Loyola was a magical time – irreplace-able, priceless and this brought back all those memories. Also good to get an update. Thanks again for the time and effort.

  20. S.U.R says:


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