Fourty nine class clowns(To say nothing of the Teacher)

Inspired by Jiby Chettans post, I started THINKING about writing this post ages ago. And all through that time members from the BOTS have reminded me not to miss out on anything. Everyone has there share of tales to say about their school days. And here i jot down some more of mine. (Including silly ones like everyone taking V.G. Nandhini Ma’am’s signature to mean VERY GOOD.)




Back in seventh standard, a new teacher apparated into the classroom to try to teach the national lingo to a bunch of barbarians whose minds were criminally hardened through years of making up excuses to avoid school work. This one i remembered quite clearly.

That year we had a poem to study which began like “Aha… Gramya Jeevan Bhi Kya Hai”(i think that roughly translates into -Aha, How beautiful is life in the villages). Day after Mrs. Sati Antharjanam finished teaching this; she came to class and started asking the students to recite it. My bench mate happened to be Emil J. Alex who- like the rest of us- leave the poem, had not even seen the book till then. Emil sits around totally cool headed till his turn comes. Then he stands up – Chest forward- with an aura of someone who had totally digested every punctuation mark in the poem and recites “AAAHAAA- bakki marannu poyi ma’am :-)”

That year we also had this new class teacher. As soon as she stepped into class a guy stands up and asks her, her name. Comes the reply “I are Manjula”. We wonder for a whole minute how someone with such pathetic English has been appointed our class teacher- till someone realized that her name with initials read “I.R. Manjula”.

I think it is the same Manjula who while trying to control the mob she had been put in charge, remarked “Boys, please keep quite. The principal just passed away from the corridor.”


Then there was the time when our “beloved”(Pun intended) Maths teacher asked Charlz to say around 10 formulas and he throws up his hands and says, “Madam.. PASS… njan thottu.. ma’am para.”

In the ninth standard we had our first close encounter of the worst kind with none other than the phenomenal Joy Sir. He for one is rather proud of his wits. He began the class by asking us to introduce ourselves. Some of us he knew, which was evident when he asked a guy “Cyril, what is your name?”

We came across his killer jokes again in the 11th. In walks Joy sir fifteen minutes after the bell as usual and asks the class “Who here has not seen a spectrometer?”. Around half the class raises their hands. Joy sir looks at Jassie (Vimal) and dictates “Vimal you ask your father to buy you one. Bring it to class tomorrow and show it to the others. Sit down”. The whole class lead by Chalz (Of course we were irritated!!) goes “1. 2.. 3.. HA HA HA”. The look on Joy sirs face prompts the class to burst into- this time genuine- laughter again. Joy sir still stares open mouthed at the class wondering if he really is such a wit.

Another one of his incredibly “witty” statements came during the physics lab. If you broke something in the lab, naturally you had to pay for it. That day we were working with resistances , 100 of which costs 1 rupee. I who was unaware of the cost broke one and took the pieces to Sir. “Sir, i broke this. How much would i have to pay?”.

“You cannot pay for this one in Indian currency. Go break 99 more and give me one rupee” (!#$$@#$@$@#$@#$@#)


Then there was Shijo sir. Just because he EXISTED, we chose to entertain ourselves for 4 years making a complete ass of the being. Hope everyone’s heard of binary addition.(Well for those who haven’t, its basically like normal math’s except 1+ 1 = 10 :D.). Chalz(Ganesh) was one guy, who- like the rest of us- thought that computer periods were bullshit. Besides that was among his worst subjects. One day Shijo sir was explaining simple binary addition on the board and notices Chalz engaged in his on private conversation with Laadan. Their talk is cut short when Shijo sir asks him to come and add the sums on the board. Charlz during his slowwwwwwwwwww, sleepy walk(Ah he’s hit 138 kilos last month) to the board glances at Rakesh’s book. Shijo sir waits to throw him out of the class when the guy walks over and write the answer below the two sums- left to right in about 2 seconds. Shiju sir is simply speechless.

There is more to go on about he great Tiger-Shijo(As we have come to know him as). Princi had given strict instructions that students are not to be allowed to play games in the computer lab. “Counter Strike”- Which is basically about shooting down the terrorists was a rather popular game during the time. Many a time he threw our guys out of the lab for playing the above. And once, Jassie decided to pull one on him as he was waiting outside the lab door. Jassie cries out to Chalz “Aliyo … snipe chaiyedaaa…avan olichirikkunu”. Shijo sir rushes in with hope of throwing another pair out, to find everyone with the blue C++ screens. Shijo sir- determined to find the offender- (he thinks we minimized the game) walks around all 50 computers and presses Alt+tab.

Joseph uncle can hold his liquor! so can he handle his english. Once Joseph uncle comes in to take the attendence register and DP barrages him with an array of the choicest sentences from Shakespeare. Ashik shouts out “DP, Menakkedenda.. Joseph uncle vellamadichale english parayoo.”


The same Ashik was the brains behind some of the funniest dialogues in our school years. The one that sticks out was the story we had to write for our last English test at school in our final year. The outline given was, “Tiger -escapes from cage- two people dead- inquiry started-traps laid- .. Etc. Etc”
Ashiks masterpiece ran as follows.
“A tiger escaped from the Tihar central jail today evening. The tiger stole 2 AK-47 guns and shot 2 guards dead. Then it jumped onto a royal Enfield 350 and sped into the forest….The tiger is said to be very dangerous and the authorities have issued warnings for the public… blah blah blah .. gas gas gas.” His explanation for the above at the end of the paper read. “ma’am, It was a Tamil phuli.”
Btw, he got the highest in English for that test.


Dialogues between the above person and Thikkru(Robin) have been cause of great amusement among us. Don’t really remember most of them But this has been copied word by word from a recent yahoo message.
Ashik Kalam: “i called Robin yesterday..he woke up..asked aara..i said ninte thantha…and he asked athara”


And then there was Shavi(Rojan) who once flagged down a passing Auto and asked for the time. Not having learned from the stare he recieved at that occassion he later flagged another and asked “Chetta, ullorku pokuvo? ” …”pokum”………”enna vittu pokko”

Once the above quoted guy and myself were travelling by bus and he gave a ten rupee note to the conductor. The conductor asked “Ethra venam?” meaning how many tickets and our hero asks back “Ethra venamenkilum tharuvo?”


Though not from my batch, i have to mention one essay written by a senior for his English exam. Asti AKA Rahul, two years our senior was rather notorious for his English essays. I happened to have a glimpse of his paper in the school bus.(Damn i miss bus number six)

He chose to write a short story for his essay and here is the starting paragraph.
“There were there Chinese guys named Chu, Bu and Fu. They decided to go to America. Once they were there they ‘Americanized’ their names. Chu became Chuck. Bu became Buck and Fu became……”
Ah, well, need i say the rest. There was a huge read mark on that with RAHUL!!!!! on the sides. I wonder if they dare write likewise in any other school. hehe.


Then there was Jijo who took up the job of announcing stuff during the youth festival in 11th. And there happened to be a teacher whose name was Kalaa Rani. This is how he read it out to the great amusement of the whole Sutter hall.”Now i invite Mrs KAAALA(Ox? ) Raani to give away the prizes.”

Nikhil made a similar error with the judges names during la fest. One of our boys (Akhil Andrews) mother, Mrs Pushpa Andrews- wife to George Andrews, was in the panel.
Nikhil read it thus “As judges here was have Mrs Pushpa Andrews, mother of George Andrews of 11th standard……..”



A Bit of Princi’s
Our dear, Fr. Principal was always keen to prove that he was a storehouse of humor.

Venue: “Principals parlor”
Enter Ganesh, Aravind and Princi
Ganesh : “Father .. I want to drop computer”
Princi :”NO, don’t drop it. It will break.”



And this is dedicated to the great Madhu “saar”
Of course you all have heard of his impeccably smart english.
During a lunch break between the term end exams i was standing near the cage which housed the rabbits (As the Loyolites know. And for the rest of you. YES WE HAVE RABBITS AT SCHOOL. And yes you can buy some if you want). This small kid was staring at them and asked Madhu uncle standing nearby. “Uncle enikku oru rabbit kuttine tharumo?”
Madhu uncle turns a stern eye on the kid and proclaims “Now you study. Now you having exams. If you want children, ask principal after exams”.


As our board exams were just weeks away, DP launched a questioning session in class to find out how much we have been revising. DP was apparently under the impression that her students had spent the last two years jotting down every word she uttered including that sneeze. She was given a bit shocked to learn that we didn’t have one word of the same. This was how AD presented it “DP, i read the text and your notes. That makes it ….just the text.”


Some of our students managed to get hold of the printed notes that the Santhomites were being given from school. DP looks through the same in our revision session two days before the exams and remarks

“why that’s very nice
lemmeee see it
hmmm hmm
What nonsense…aiyeeeee
This is crap.
The moonlight falls around them… SO WHAT ?
There is an agonizing realization.. so whaaat ?
The poet sees the tree dancing.. so whattt ?
St Thomas printed it u say…but can the students understand what to write?”
The whole class goes “SO WHAT?”


And this is perhaps the best example of how weak DP’s Malayalam is(Even after teaching ME for two years. damn)

Venue: 12th standard
Audience: – 12th ISC classroom
In the chair: DP
[Students sitting around chatting …DP talking to Ashik]
Ashik: “DP..did u hear… Justin(senior) hit it big.. oru MAAAADAN quiz jayichu…. won 10 lakhs or something.. hes going to france.. Blah blah blah blah”

DP :”Why that is reaally good. He always was a good quizzer. By the way, where was this “maaadan” quiz?”
#!$#@!$%@#%#$%^&$#&%*&^*($%&^#$%@$!#$@$@!%%<– pinnallaate


The youth festivals were venue to some of the most hilarious stuff that took place in the Loyola Campus. Everyone on campus used to give names for everything though most people conveniently remained absent when their names were announced. Many excuses were chosen to escape the stage.
Vishnu Menon, student at CET presently and another of the great seniors i had, had given his name for the Fancy dress competition. I happened to be sitting near the announcers desk when his name was announced. I was a bit surprised why he was standing next to me when he was supposed to be on stage. Then he takes up the mike. The curtain rises. Vishnu chettan himself announces “Presenting Vishnu Menon, as.. the invisible man!!!!”

Most of the Loyolites are aware of the tableau legends. For the rest…

Announcement “Jalianwaalabagileeku oru ethinottam”
Curtain rises. A group of people on the right of the stage are staring at the jalianwaal “BAG” kept in the center of the stage.

Curtain rises. The stage is empty.
Announcement “Shoonyata ileeku nokki kondirikunna korankanmar ” (Hint. The audience are staring at nothingness”

Any post about this generation Loyola would be incomplete without a few lines from the one and only Titus sir.
Most of the students thought pushed him to the very limits of patience and it was when we manageged to break it that he would kick us out and grumple (I belive to ejhas) “Achanum ammayum ooronnine ondakki vittolum.. manushane menakeduthan”

Titus sir’s explanation to a students question on why India has such a large population. “Eda you know… basically India is an underdeveloped country. Most of the population used to be farmers. Avarukku ninne pole TV kandodirikkan cash illa… so their only source of recreation is……njan parayano? ”

Later Manuel asks an explanation of why he thinks India has a large population. He says “iee tropical areas il okke ankane aada”
Henry sniggers.
Sir smiles.
Manuel persists. “Sir but why? ”
Sir waves a hand at Manuel and remarks to Henry “Shishuuuu……”

During a talk in economics class in eight standard, which gradually drifted to the bevereages industry , Amith asks sir “Sir.. do u drink ?”
Titus M.P “Ninte thantha kudikkum” <– a phrase which has been copyrighted by our batch since then. As you had noticed with Ashik in a paragraph above.

Having had countless visits from this neighbour since before i joined Loyola- he was one of my most favourite people around.

Ninth standard brought us a new english teacher in the form or Mr. Pratap Chandran, who asked us to take notes of everything he uttered. During one such period Praji(Jojin) asked “Sir what is the spelling of etc? ”
Sensing that it was just asked for the sake of asking Pratap sir got furious and said “Jojin. get out. go to the principal and ask him the spelling if u want.. OUT “.Out he goes. Praji had gone to princi and states ” Pratap sir does not know the spelling of etcetra. He send me to ask you.” Princi checks his dictionary, wrote it down on the official paper, sealed it and asked him to take it back to class.The class goes on as usual till about 15 minutes later Praji walked into the class without permission and gave a chit of paper to the understandably stunned teacher and said “Sir,this is the spelling of etcetra. Principal told to give you this.” The whole class laughed for a full 10 minutes at the look on Sir’s face. He has no choice but to let him back into class.
LOL. That’s one UNFORGETTABLE moment.

I wonder if Pereira sir made the same mistake in any other class. The one he made when he came into our maths class (to borrow a few kids for choir practice) and asked Lakshmi ma’am, “Teachere.. korachu pillere venam”.

That reminds me of a story that Prabhu sir told us in class about Jerald Pereira who was known for his sense of humour. Pratap sir joined up Pereira sir’s private music classes to take a bit of guitar lessons. One day Pereira sir told Pratap sir that there was a boy in his class who never came for the lessons. He wanted the English teacher to help him write a letter to send to the boy’s parents about the matter. Pratap sir obliged. Not a lot of people are aware that he got a shock when he learned that a letter in his handwriting had reached his own dad telling him about how his son never comes to class.

Last night, I called up DP to tell her about a function we attended. Trying to convey to her that it was kind of a GRAND function, i say ” DP, it was like really big on money and all. Oru aana kutti ondayirunu… for reception for the non-malayali delegates.

DP – ” What kutti?
ME – “Ma’am, Aaana kutti… elephant kutti.. 😐 ”

It also brings to my memory the ridiculous and revolting essays we used to write for some History papers. It was said that Fr. Jacob never used to read our essays. Witnesses swear on anything that they have seen him measure essays with pens caps. The more length you write, the more you get. Mebbe that is why we ended up writing complete nonsense for our exams. For in 9th standard we had an essay about the revolt of 1857. This is what our master clown Jassie had to feed the examiner.
“The revolt of 1857 happened in 1857. I am a complan boy. You are a complan girl. Boost is the secret of my energy. Pepsi , ye dil mange more. …….”

Further down the years this created ruthless language murderers like me who would dare write anything for an exam just because DP was a nice person. So for an english paper in 12th ,we had  four questions of 25 marks each on Shakespeares Richard. I wrote the first two neatly and knowing that that is enough for a pass followed it up with a cartoon of Richard in a cage for “a charector sketch of Richard the King.”
My next answer to “Richards thoughts in prison” Ended in one sentence “MAN! IM SCREWED!”
DP never thought it so funny and i ended up the only boy to ever fail an english exam in Loyola. Not that i care.

Wouldn’t it be unfair that i quote not a joke from a teacher? why is it always us landing goals on them?. Ah well teachers there CAN sometimes crack some.
Shiju sir in my senior batch class.
Teaching while loops  in Java programming.
Student “sir While il entha ? ”
Sir “vayalil krrrishiya.. alla pinne HIHIIHIHIH ”






First to my dear classmates:-
You guys were the best friends one could ask for. You gave me the best 13 years of my life. Never would any among us forget that some of the most hilarious moments in our life happened at Sreekariyam. Thanks for having given me the pleasure of your company. Thoughts of you still bring a cheerful smile even in the sadest of circumstances.

Next, to all the Loyolites.
You all know what Loyola has been to us as a whole. I’m sure each one has his own tale to tell. Looking forward to reading many an account of the same from you all.

To the REST:
Loyola was to us , is, and always will be the best.


This post is dedicated to all the members of the clichéd “Loyola Family”.
Thank you for reading.



45 Responses to Fourty nine class clowns(To say nothing of the Teacher)

  1. Karthik K says:

    really cool .. dis is d kinda stuff that u do once u leave school .. and trsut me whichever college u go to .. school life is very special .. there is nothing like school life some people say college life is special but i have liked school life much more than it.

    about the post .. really enjoyed .. good work

  2. Hermione Ginger says:

    Hmmm…. I read the whole thing for almost 3 times…. And what could I say? Ohh itz just awesome Syam. What more could I tell? I am one who always wished to be a loyolite… Alas! I am a girl… never mind (I am happy being that). I have never read any of the post with this much intrest unless u count “Friends never say goodbye…” This one is just cool… thanks to Syam for sharing such nostalgic memories not only with loyolites but will all friends of loyolites….

    It just brings out everyones memories on their never return school life. Before I stop let me say this too… It is not just students who have read all the amusing stuffs……this was a great work – so thinks my Mom and Dad who also happened to read this…… well I made them read anyway… words are not coming… but I do hope more forgotten memories would be added to this. This one was indeed a damn good work. Keep it up!

    Words to karthik… you should have waited before you wrote the comment I was waiting to catch up first… Alas again! 😦

  3. Gayathri says:

    i wish i could be a boy and study in loyola school!
    loyola is one of the best schools…i can say! 🙂
    coz we find all the crazy ones with brains as well…… 😀

  4. Subin George says:


    And all this happens only in Loyola!!


  5. manu says:

    good work da…. reminds me of soo many other things that hapnd at school … nostalgia .. u cud have mentioned sum of ladan s classics … 🙂

  6. kanju says:

    aliya,spar .pakshe adhikam onnumilla,13 varsham nammal ethinekkal kooduthal alambundakkiyittundu,vallathum orma varumbol ninakku njan mail cheythu tharam

  7. Jiby says:

    Syam, that was very good!

    I loved the ones about Madhu Uncle and Joy sir the most. When we were in junior school Madhu Uncle was seen with a Rapidex by some people…and i must say his english improved greatly since then…after that I also referred my grandfather who could speak bits and pieces of english…to buy one. We used to rib him a lot….either he took it sportingly, or he never understood the poke!

    Joy sir could never get names right…he used to call me Joby. I would say, “Sir, Jiby”…then he would say…”Aah Jiboy, nammal paranjuvannathe…”!!! One of my sister’s friends went to tuition to him, he would call her, “Aroma”, where her name was Ruma!!!

    Haha DP talking in malayalam…i think she speaks very well now…when i was in the 9th I heard her speaking to the then malayalam teacher, Thikkurussi sir who was a famous malayalam critic and she was totally overwhelmed and couldnt get her mal right at all.

  8. Hari Shanker says:

    I’ve got trillions of things to do. And, I just couldn’t mind keeping them pending, when my eyes fell upon the first pages of your blog!! AWESOME, buddy… (Please don’t get saturated ‘coz I keep saying the same thing, commenting in everyone of your posts) This one, inexorably, would turn out to be the HIGHLIGHT of this blog. Though almost all the incidents are familiar, I couldn’t help but laughing raucously (especially at Asti’s chinese one. Never heard of it before, btw!!) Candidly, one of the best pieces of humour i’d read in recent times.

    A correction:
    “…I think it is the same Manjula who while trying to control the mob she had been put in charge, remarked “Boys, please keep quite. The principal just passed away from the corridor…”
    That’s not Manjula ma’am. It’s Lincy Ma’am, who’d taught us Bio in our 10th. Some anecdotes from her classes:

    Bio Lab. Ppl busily writing records (making humongous levels of noise! Need I explain??). Our teacher, harried, blurts out: “Boys, you are the result of my suffering!!”

    Bio class. Jubin ( the tallest guy in our batch 6’5″ & counting!:D) doing his thing, talking about everything (or rather, SOME things) under the sun. Lincy Ma’am couldn’t bear seeing our friend not paying attention. She says:
    “You ELONGATED boy, stand up!!”

    Btw, you should’ve altered the title a bit. That will be all! 😀

  9. Well, what can i say. this happens only in loyola!!………Keep blogging……….btw, princi still cracks PJs eh………..

  10. blux(nikhil) says:

    nice venture da.. over here in iitm i really…….imean it……..miss school and schoollife da..makes me remember all those games periods,goals,fights,,,,library…physics pub….minus 24….youth festivals all of which have left a deep imprint on me..which..ia m sure il carry it with me throughout my life,,,,,,,,,if ive gained something in life till now it is only because of our school,,my parents and ofccourse god,,,,,,being so im really indebted to my school…..i can by no means return what ive gained…..ciz its alot…but what i can do is….remember u…and respect u….life at loyola was simply superb man….

  11. The Quibbler says:

    Hi i’m, back

    Whoever you are senor. Thanks for the words or appreciation:). School life does have a large impact on the rest of our lives….

    Heh thats like the umpeenth time you have desired a wish to be a loyolite. You and your friends lol.. whats with you gang. Mebbe in the next life 😛

    same reply as to Ginger.

    @subin george
    Thanks chetto….and ye don’t think this can happen anywhere else :).
    Exceptional atmosphere we have at loyola.

    Thanks buddy. Nostalgia comes quick at 18 rather than 40 alle?
    And laadans classics are ummm unmentionables or… kinda unparliamentory as VP would say. heh. ;)you get the idea.

    @ kanju
    Thanneda.. nammal alambi kootiyittundu. but ellam oru public forum il ezhutan patoola
    besides athra oormayum illa.. i’d be glad to add on if you were to remind me. k thanks da

    I mean Jiby.
    Chetto.. ya i’m sure everyone will agree that Madhu uncle was a class apart. You just can’t help liking the man. Once he came to our Geo exam hall during tenth and shouted out “keralaaa maaaap .. india maaaap… world maap..any maap?? ”
    And Vimal responded “Chayaa chayaa chayeeeeeeeeeee”

    And DP’s malayalam.. ho no comments.

    Thanks for being such an avid reader of my posts. And yes. Getting saturated.
    But you missed something
    What happened to “…t emporary constructs of the feeble human intelluct..” ??
    Heh oru change inu matrix mattiyatu nannayi.
    And any better suggestions for the title ?

    Yes indeed.Loyola pole loyola mathram.. Loyola sabseaage hamesha 🙂
    And princi.. entammeee onnum parayunilla
    once our 138 kilo Ganesh was leaning on the wall near the office and he sees this and remarks “Ganeeeeesh… you need not lean on the wall.. you see it can support itself.”
    Ganesh “!#$@$@#%@%#$%^#^^%#”

    You need not have put the name in the brackets. We all know there’s only one blux at IIT-M. heh.
    Missing home too i guess eh?
    Chumma enthinaadai padikkan poye…IIT kitti h ehe.. ivide enkanum irunnal poraayirunno [:d]

    Anyways..i’m sure allof us agree with you. None of us will forget these moments. But i’m recording them here just in case you need to take a journey back. Thanks for reading man. Welcome to blogosphere.


  12. Jacob Mathan says:

    Dear Shyam, I can imagine your fingers flying over the keyboard. No wonder that you’r able to churn out such lengthy blogs, and lucky us gets to read them. Am reminded of a joke when you wrote about I.R. Manjula, and English teachers. It goes like this. There was a new entrant in heaven and the customary knock on the door. Knock Knock!!!
    St Peter, “Who’s there?”
    New Arrival, “It is “I” “.
    St Peter, “Oh another Goddamn English teacher”

  13. josmy says:

    this one is just awesome…..though i stayed close by and heard loads abt ur skool, this one makes me more and more envious…. good work..keep bloggin

  14. Robin says:

    eda syam…
    This one is really good. its hilarious man…good work….
    I wish u could add some of the “successful” ventures taken up by our class……..
    for example..9th drama…our youth festival etc ..
    though i tink tat would be best left for another blog…
    and btw (just for the record) i was very sleepy when ashik called me tat day

  15. tony thomas says:

    aliyaa shyameeee…’ve done it again!!!! i would strongly reccomend you to get rid o’ engineering and go
    for journalism….your damn future lies there mannnnn…..nyways your work is nothing short of ‘outstanding’….
    i’d say you hav pulled out a mug of water from the sea of memories that was loyola…..
    do keep writing ( ninakku vere thozhil onnum illallo)…… do us proud …..
    cheer loyola sons….

  16. ashik kalam says:

    AAhha this guy’s blog reinstates the fact that Loyola is something which no other place can be to us loyolites…..such riotously funnny stuff happen only in only in LOyola.
    Loyola was ..loyola is and LOyola will remain the best…

  17. The Quibbler says:

    Ayoo chetto please… chalu adikkate…. thats like OLD.
    With all due respect 😀
    P.S. Jacob Mathan is one of our OLD OLD boys.. like the 70’s batch . heh.

    Heya man. Don’t know where you are from. But nice to hear that you have a nice opinion about our school. Thanks 🙂

    machu.. ah drama okke veno 😀 chumma ennathina naarunne 😀
    BBkum bhadhakam annu heh. And ninneyum ashikneyum patti njan adikam parayunilla.

    Machu thanks for the appreciation. And dei i prefer journalism to engg anyday… achan enne chaps aakkum.. so at the moment oru edukkate.. bakki alochikkam heh
    and you use damn too often lol. and yes eniku vere oru thozhium illedeei
    cheers to you too.

    A Fact which as been confirmed by many a person loyolite and otherwise, alike.
    Riot it is indeed. Lol
    ninne patti kooduthal ezhutiyaa naarum.. so thalkaalam ithrayum mati.


  18. Deepak Christopher says:

    well syam…u r the only few who takes the initative to glance back into our wonderful school life….Well done. Continue with ur work…u r skilled [ not a JOKE].

  19. chalz says:

    a tiny correction..i hit 140 kgs last month….nd i agree with kanju even this is too short ….ninakku vera paniyonnum ilallo….korekoodi ezhuthu..nd ya wat abt laadans nd samis classics….

  20. vimal says:

    aliyos ethraye ullo????
    makale ethu verum sample vedi kettu matram
    ethinekalum vannnn vannnn sambhavangal vare nammude classil undayitundu……..
    ne ways gud work syam

  21. Nitheesh says:

    mone syame…spar blog…….real funny one.i thnk we have more of such incidents ………so thnk dis post can go on for ever…………. and abt ashiks and robins relations ahem ahem………:)

  22. revathy says:

    like all the other gurls mentioned..i’m one of those several ppl who wuld hve given the last penny off my bac to b a loyolite..esp since i cme frm a family whr almost one forth r loyolites…..GUD WORK Syam….it wus soo gud tht i even asked my mom and dad to read the whole stuff…and yea…i’m gonna send it to my bro too…..mite get nostalgic on it..hehe..gud wrk agn da….

  23. Felicity says:

    I am supposed to be doing an assignment now. But I was feeling awfully awfully homesick which is why I read your last post. And its absolutely fabulous. Awesome job bro. And it totally cheered me up. Thank you for that. 🙂

  24. Linsu says:

    hi… reached ur blog thru jibys..
    one of ma favourite blogs in jibys was his anecdotes. and now urs also…
    to be true to u.. i love ur school for everything it gives a person… heard lots n lots of stories from my brother.. always envied my brother for the wonderful school life he had 😉 .. i had a chance to meet Fr Pulikkal once.. during one of the days wen my brothers text books were distributed.. well i was i think in my 2nd or 3rd.. i went in along with my pappa n brother.. he asks me only one qn!! “NEW ADMISSION???” i shud have taken that offer 😉 always wondered y girls were not given admission to that school.. but then i know.. if that happens, it wouldnt be loyola again… 🙂

    to say about ur school.. another thing i love is the way functions were organised!! schooldays esp.. we tried to make it for every year… even if we dont go for my schools.. reason.. if u say it will finish at 8:30 it does!! and my parents are all praises for the students for the way the parking is managed by the students 😀 wen i was small i used to wonder loyolel engane schooldaykku mathram girls??? (ur dances – junior section) i seriously used to think.. kollallo ee schoolile teachers… schooldaykku program avatharippikkan girls from other school… pinalle manasilaayee… it was Loyolites only ennu!!! 😀

    vere oru schoolilum kaanilla ithrem alambanmaaraa brainies 😀
    nirthuanu… illel sheri aavillaa..

    and quibbler… havent read all ur posts.. but this was a very good one… ooh btw i read one last day.. abouth a crush.. dont know if it was u… seems this is updated by others also 🙂
    keep blogging.. its a real good job!! 🙂

  25. debbie says:

    hey syam, AWESOME blog yaar. LOVED IT !

  26. Aravind Menon says:

    nice post syam. brings back all the fun we had in school.and also is a good timepass for blokes like me who cant figure to do anything worthwhile online.and you are getting good at this.keep blogging……………

  27. The Quibbler says:

    hi again,

    Thanks da machu…

    ninakum vere pani onnum illallo.. ehutadei… and entamme 140 kilosaa… ur twice my size man…. or rather animal…

    bakkiyum oorkumbo ezhutamede 😀 comedy alle motham koode…

    thanks for reading brother 🙂

    another girl.. same story .:D kooduthal parayenda..
    mebbe as another one commented earlier .. u can be a guy in the “next life” 😀

    one is glad to be of service 😀

    Chechi,pulikkal father left when i was in 4th i think.. ur really lucky to have met him.. he was like real nice. he used to give us sweets n all….
    and heh yash… we also agree with u… loyola wudnt be loyola with u peeps around 😀

    Thanks for reading dabba 🙂

    mangu…..ninakum vere joli illalllode… irunu ezhutade
    and yes its fact.. u get better as u keep doing it..
    so how about u start at least one post mone ?


  28. Karthik.C says:

    Hi Syam,
    This is just too good. I think all Loyola bloggers should be encouraged to keep such a list on their blog after they pass out from the school.

    I think Jiby also must be thanked for it his from him that this idea seems to have taken off.


  29. Sriram says:

    Another post i forgot 2 comment on..Damn da!..Im a Christ Nagarian..U got me feeling emotional reading that:-|…So, i can imagine how this post hits the loyolites…Ur love 4 ur skool can be very well seen and i assure u, ur alma mater will always bless u 2 reach further heights in life..Keep raising the bars 4 alamb in college(njaanum ondu kootu :-D), Keep raising the bar 4 us fellow bloggers….Kudos!..God bless!

  30. Libin says:

    kidu post machu….with this post u have proved dat LOYOLA is a school known 4 producing bhujis and kidus..i m expecting more hilarious posts from u eda…..ur blog roxx…[8)]…” BEST KANNA BEST “!!!!!!

  31. Arun Sudarsan says:

    Syam chettan,

    i cant find words to describe this post.

    I will write something like this when i leave Loyola after….17 months (sigh!)

  32. aardra says:

    hmm…. nice, yo. moonno naalo manivare urakkamozhinju irikkunnathinte upayogangal kaanaanund[:D]

  33. rebecca says:

    I wouldn’t WISH to be a loyolite after reading the much glorified, but of course it’s very well written chronicle of a not very innocent loyola’s son.
    That is not to be taken as an offense i hope 🙂
    But your write-ups are very refreshing and of course brings back to any reader fond memories of his/her school life.
    To put down incidents especially humorous “dailogues” in words is pretty challenging..hmm good lord! i sound like my prof right now..eeyuck
    The way you have blended the very embarrassing yet hilarious situations of both your classmates and teachers is “IMPECCABLY” illustrated:P
    Hats off to you!
    How come you haven’t recorded any of your laughable discourses in this dairy?
    Were you always the quite ,keen observer? or just chose not to reveal things that would outdo the rest?

  34. josna says:

    mone aniyaa,
    i was supposed to start something for my series test….ur posts are really awesome…u better turn to journalism.that field will give you much more are a born writer i think.anyway in five years time you’ll be a renowned writer i think….
    GOD BLESS!!!

  35. maitri madam errr...Mrs. Maitri Rath says:

    hahahahaha…good show shyam..all of you keep posting such anecdotes…very soon I too will join in( with what all you said and did in my class in the third standard….)arre!jindagi mein thoda smile mangta, kya! Hindi marunpoi alle? All the best to my darling loyolites

  36. Mathew says:

    i’m a santhomite and i’m pretty impressed. This was way too cool dude.keep adding stuff like this.thumbs up for u and ur friends!

  37. saran soman says:

    gr8 man!
    im getting goosebumps from all the nostalgia~!

  38. DeViL says:

    Nice haan… though i must say, the rahul guy lacked orignality!! he copied his essay frm a sms!!

  39. George says:

    thanks yaar helps to recollect greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaat memories !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Sooraj says:

    Real cool btw i really think we have another guy like da ashik you mentioned……..every batch has its clown

  41. Do you even check this anymore?
    Well, you should.
    And fuck, I miss school. This crazy ass place is such a haranguing,tormenting bitch.
    Oh, and sorry for all the profanity.


  42. manisha says:

    it was really hilarious…liked d way u have actually explained a situation…seriously…i jst got involved completely….gr8 work etta…..seriously…..

  43. Kayla says:

    The data mentioned within the write-up are a few of the ideal available

  44. capers says:

    I just could hardly go away your internet site previous to advising we seriously treasured the normal info somebody offer in the readers? Is actually usually just as before progressively to confirm through to new content

  45. Logan says:

    I leave a response each time I like a post on a website or if I have
    something to valuable to contribute to the discussion. It’s a result of the fire displayed in the article I browsed.
    And on this post Fourty nine class clowns(To say nothing of the Teacher) | The Loyolite Diaries.

    I was excited enough to drop a leave a responsea response 😉 I do have 2 questions
    for you if you don’t mind. Could it be only me or do a few of the comments
    appear like left by brain dead individuals? 😛 And, if you
    are writing on other places, I would like to keep up with you.
    Would you list the complete urls of all your social pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

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