March 10, 2008

Yes, I know I’ve been keeping off this page for a couple of months now. Was taking a long break. But then silverine explains that she writes for herself. I see she is right. I should write for myself. I should keep jotting moments down here so I myself can someday read it and smile, if not anyone else. For life is short. For life is not about how many breaths you take, but about the moments that take your breath away.


This one is going to be another long list. I’ve wanted to write this for ages. Ever since I added Pashu to messenger. Heh you’l see why. Its about funny mail id’s. And boy! Does Pashu have one.

Pashu AKA prasanth can be reached at


I also hear of a guy who can be contacted at , , and



Once a classmate named Madhav called me up and asked me to forward a file to his mailbox. And I ask his id and he says and I go “dude, you cant have the DOT in yahoo id’s”

Reply “alleda.. its madhav dea oh tea sea oh em ( )

Vinay can be contacted at ( ho entamo!! )


There are many guys from my alma matter who have decided to keep that name in their ids. Kichu has an amazing creation in

Aravind goes by


Also, Vishnu has creatively made


Computer genius Asti AKA Rahul is perhaps one among the funniest with


You can contact Arun Krishna at,

Auster , former SCTian can be reached at kick@$$


My good friend Akhil  gets some straight faced expressions if he mentions his ID. It reads


Another guy goes by


George too-lazy jojo , cant be bothered to make a mail id. So he borrowed one. It reads K


We once had a Jacob Mathew sir, fondly called JAMS who accepted the ID his students created for him. Ie.

 Some others i have heard of are and


Not much, ye I know. Just not in a mood. Planning to write a nice post soon. peace.



Don’t want to have a post without PS for the first time. For the sake of that formality i put this much down.