Anyone seen any movies lately? Planning to go? Might I, or rather WE(Jijo, Nitheesh, Sami, Jassie, Praji, Rojan and myself) recommend one which we recently saw?
This was what this gang of seven told everyone we met for around a week after we saw HEARTBEATS.(This is not yet another boring movie review). Sitting at home for the past six months or so and being attacked by Boredom in ways never experienced before,(Symptoms included sitting in front of a PC for 16 hours at a stretch-chatting,gaming,movie watching , etc etc) this little gang of seven decided to get together and catch a movie on what they thought a fine day… till, we saw the movie.

The story began last Saturday when Sami(AKA Mithun) came home for the weekend from his college at Cochin. As usual he came online and i asked, “Sami NUALS eppadi?”. Came the reply pakka Sami style “poda patti @!#!$#@%$@^ mone. Ugly b1tc#3s, airbrained seniors, 10 cent campus, and @$$#0l3 teachers.that place stinx.Koppu padipikunu.Da, now i understand that DP was God”.(This from one of DP’s biggest critics in our school days. The author fears for his life as soon as Sami comes across this piece. Pray for me)
Anyways, after the usual… umm…formalities er..u know :D, he wanted to know if we blokes were going anywhere for the weekend. Perhaps a movie? And so it was that we decided to gather up the gang left free in town and go out for a noon show. We decided to meet at Ajantha theatres to have a go at the newly released “HEARTBEATS”. Sami went early and bought tickets for all of us in case we didnt reach in time and it all ran out. Ah the concern was pointless as a good part of the theatre was empty. Come to think of it- i don’t think the show would have go on if we din’t go. And the reason for that became pretty obvious a good fiften minutes into the show when we discovered that neither the dialogues nor the plot was making sense to us. We were watching complete nonsense;utter chaos…what Noble would later describe as “oru bandham illatha cinema”. We went through one hour of incomprehensible blabbering and stepped out in the interval- all silent and straight faced.
Everyone seemed to be wonderstruck at the suspense. As Jojin later put it, ” Enthoru suspensaa eniku itu vare dialogoo ploto manasilaayilla”. If the movie was directed with the intention that no one should make head of tail of it- then yes, it was a grand success.

Utterly shocked and wonderstruck at the same time from watching a miracle of a movie we left the theatre feeling sorry for ourselves for having lost 40 bucks apiece. Someone(Forgot who- thinks its me) came up with the idea that we give the best propaganda we could to this wonderful movie which we thought that everyone should see. Well, it’s something you need to experience… arinjirikkenda oru feeling. We told half of Sarvodaya, STRS and HAC school kids about how wonderful this movie was. Mithun put a post on our online class community saying “Absolutly wonderful movie. It has the potential to remove Th Godfather from the IMDB”.

On hearing stuff like this is a continuation of the megahit “classmates”, repeatedly from many sources, a good number of friends booked the movie and hence it was that one day a rather strange gang of STRS, Loyola and Sarvodaya went together to watch this “wonder”. I have been told that Subin stayed there even after the movie ended, hoping that there was more to come and wondering why the plot has not been revealed yet.

A girl from HAC told her family that she has been given reports about how exceptional this movie is. They watched it together and the last i heard, she is waiting with a knife to see Jijo.



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  1. vaish says:

    still HAC???? get this clear.. we r two diff schools..we r HAISC….

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