Blooper of the year

This happened yesterday. Thats like the last day of first year in college. Me and three friends are on our way to the juice parlour in front of the college. Two of them stand outside as me and the 4th(Ironically, he shares my same name), enter the shop. Now at this place you can get watermelon mixes for 5 a glass. I see a girl- possibly a senior of ours- sipping on one and i turn and tell my friend “De iee sadhanam kollam”. He gives me a blank straight faced expression and walks out. I’m left wondering what happend till i turned around and seized up the situation. There i am, pointing my hand at that girl and saying “de this ones good” and that girls staring at me.LOL.

Now thats not the end of the story. After around 15 minutes we get in and order our stuff and THEN, the other two guys walk in. One asks the other “de enthanu iee water melon sambhavam ? ” (Whats this watermelon stuff ?”). The latter points to that same girl and quips. “De iee sambhavam… kollam ”

Girl ..stares.!



11 Responses to Blooper of the year

  1. g-man says:

    lol…nice 1. hav blogrolled you

  2. Syam says:

    thanks and me doing the same on you

  3. nsjalive says:

    bhai…that was humour!! 😀

  4. Lolz!!!

    Blooper of the decade!! 😉

  5. silverine says:

    err my Malayalam may not be as good as yours but…do you use the word “sambhavam” for juice? 😉

  6. Syam says:

    adi kittiyillenne ollu

    ugh huh n i thought you were a malayali. sambhavam is not juice… do0n tknow how to explain it to u.. 😀

  7. silverine says:

    What I meant to say was that this doesn’t seem to be a blooper :p

  8. Syam says:

    so u tell me why the other comments do show that they understand the situation 😛 stupid 😛
    (thomas’s gonna think im an idiot for calling the ‘mother of all blogs’ stupid 😀 )

  9. n i t i n says:


    a fight inside the comments box..whee!!

    PS: i blogrolled you 2… 😛

  10. No new posts, eh? Been visiting here for updates…

  11. bibinhio says:

    da nice 1 da….
    dayvame…ninte collegilokke ithokke pattu!!!….[:D]…
    2nd year thudangiyittu ithu vare adionnum kittiyille???…[:P]

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