This is me – Nitheesh. Just one more loyolite writing about this and that. And i just borrowed a few pages from Syams blog to write a few articles as i myself don’t think i’l be writing that often. Cheers.

Do read.



2 Responses to Nitheesh!

  1. jassie says:

    aliya de petannu thanne blog cheythu thudangikko
    etha ninte 1st comment

  2. K.M.Mathew says:


    I am a Loyolite of ICSE 1982. Spent 11 long years in Loyola and I can tell you that those were the best years of my life. We, the Loyolites of 82, have got a revival, 25 years after leaving the hallowed halls of Loyola and have been in touch with each other for the past one month or so.

    So the past one month has been exciting refreshing old memories. A friend of mine, Uday Rane of the 82 class, sent me your link and I must say it’s a pretty good Job.

    Keep up the spirit of Loyola living through such interesting efforts.


    ICSE 1982

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