Where’s the good in goodbye?

Miss you..

“Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened..
Dr. Seuss (American writer and cartoonist)


Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to. And now i see- all the friends we have,all those people who were always there to watch our backs, all those people who would wave when they see you- pat your back, wolf whistle, with whom you sniggered at the teacher in class, the guy whom you played bingo with during IIT- JEE(For you Vimal. We did it for years. And we did it at JEE.), the guy who caused you to be send out of class(And thats for you Sriram..no offense taken), the ones who caused us to go up in fits of laughter just by being themselves(Cheers Mithun), people whom you used to stay up all night to chat with, people who kept calling you throughout the night the day before the boards(Thanks Ashik… and you too Chandreyee)…….. those people we took for granded, people who have always been there but you never thought twice…They were all worth holding on to. And now the time has come for many of us to bid farewell.

It’s never easy- saying goodbye. Why can’t we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn’t work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say good-bye. Sometimes when i make new friends , i do wonder- one day won’t i have to say goodbye to this person too? I hate good-byes. I know what I need. I need more hellos.

Today four friends left messages saying they are leaving tomorrow. And later someone invited me to join the “Goodbyes are a part of life ” community in orkut. (You are also remembered here Arun). I guess it really is a part of life. Especially at this point of time in my life. I know its the same thing that every person has gone through when he was where i am now. When he just passed out of school. When he watched people he held close , moving away, and wondered if they will ever meet again. For me first it was school. All the treasured moments in school, all those wonderful teachers, those juniors and ever helpful seniors, all the wonderful places there that a friend(Will miss you too Vineeth) described as “Paradise”. Have bid goodbye to them, but not to the memories they have created. That will linger on.

I’ve learnt during this long boring vacation – to be grateful to all those people who have made life so much better- worth living. From the eight year old boy who used to say hai and smile in the bus , every morning, as i went to school.. to the ever nagging conductor, to the great pals at schools- the best one could ask for, to the friends at all the tuition homes , i say, you were the best pals ever. I miss everyone of you who went away.

Isn’t this what every teen wanted to say at this point ? Didn’t all of you who went through this(everyone does) think it was a terrible time? spend hours and hours thinking of the past and what all you are going to miss? even cried?. This is me speaking for all those people who wanted to cry out to their past that they miss it… who wanted to cry out to all their friends to give back the happy times. Who wanted to get back to the ones who had already gone away.


This post is dedicated to all those special people who made me what i am, and life loads more interesting. Wherver you head to, you and i will meet again, When we’re least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won’t say goodbye my friend, For you and i will meet again.

Life today forever changed,
Changed into loneliness,
Loneliness and fear,
Fear with none of you,
You who were everything to me,
I miss you,
I miss you every moment of the day,
Day in and day out,
Out of tears i sit awake and carefully listen,
Listen for you…in case,
just in case,
…How i miss you.


-Nadia Tarzi


6 Responses to Where’s the good in goodbye?

  1. Sriram says:

    You will forget me. The years are so tender,
    They bind up the wounds which we think are so deep;
    This dream of our youth will fade out as the splendor
    Fades from the skies when the sun sinks to sleep;
    The cloud of forgetfulness, over and over
    Will banish the last rosy colors away,
    And the fingers of time will weave garlands to cover
    The scar which you think is a life-mark to-day.


  2. dead says:

    Good friends move on with you and the ones who are left behind were not worth keeping anyway:-)

  3. The Quibbler says:

    Da amazing lyrics.

    I , or rather, WE disagreee.

  4. vaish says:

    u kno it is kinda amazing how some thing s arrive at the correct times.. and they leave u speechless..
    u have jus voiced the thots that is running in all heads..
    nobody loves goodbyes..
    but goodbyes are sed so that u can say bigger hellos wen u meet again…
    but u n i are never gonna say good bye..

  5. Mariam says:

    I think Syam is one of these people that i’d like to hold on to because he’s been there for me alot at my worst times, n i agree with dead that some people are just not worthy.
    Learn how to say goodbye becuase it was good to know that person if they were good to you and if they weren’t it was good for you to have a new life experience and hopefully learn something.Try to be more optimistic and you can see the “good” part in it.I know you don’t me but i’m saying this out of experience,i only know Syam and he really is a great person.

  6. Jai says:

    Hii dudes,

    It is an amazing fact on this earth that every one has to move on. Goodbyes have become a part of life so much so that these days no body has even the time to say it. I am just moving out from a job to another one. Have had great friends to work with here. We had good fun and lovely outings. I enjoyed my working here almost the same level as i did in my college. Still when it comes to time i am moving out. I would obviously miss all of them here. But as some one else said time heals every thing and nobody takes the missing memories more than 6 months. Lucky that we have online platforms and communities , emails , cheaper flights and telephone networks which helps us to stay in touch .

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