LA Fest and the ex(?)Loyolite.

July 25, 2007

LA Fest 2007.

Another LA Fest, gone. But the memories linger on.

LA Fest 07 “happened” (of course LA Fest is a happening thing) on the 23rd of July in the Sutter hall.(As usual, but perhaps for the last time- The new auditorium coming up and all). This time ten schools from around the city and outside participated. Namely, St. Thomas Residential, St. Thomas Central, Holy Angels ISC, Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom, KV Pangode, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Sainik School, Infant Jesus, St Mary’s Poorjappura and Trivandrum International. From nine in the morning till six in the evening , clashed they did . And when battle was over, there stood amongst the dust the winners , with the coveted Nataraja… the winners for the fourth time.. Holy Angels. St Thomas Residential came runners up in the 12th edition of the LA Fest. A Special edition of the LA Fest. An edition that bid adieu to one of the foundation stones behind the saga. The one that bid farewell to Deepa Ma’am. (That’s for you , the non-loyolite reader. For us… She is our DP . called so affectionatly, or as one of the founding fathers of LA Fest, Vivek said…”authoritatively”) Every year many a hand write many an article about LA Fest. Every year they say this will be the last. And every next year they unsay it. But, now finally the ever supportive DP stepped out of the Loyola gates, bidding good bye. Will this be the last? Reminds me of our time when Fr. principal declared that it has now passed 10 years and will go on till 25. With God’s grace, it shalt.

I intend to write not on the fiesta itself but what it was to me. I have so far seen three editions of LA Fest. And every year the argument pops up if this was the best of that was the best. Every batch who has hosted one claims that theirs was the best. But this LA Fest for me has changed a bit. For once im looking at it from the view of an outsider. Outsider? No, i forget. There are no Ex Loyolites. Only old boys and older boys. So yes, from the point of view of an old boy. One who has been there, done it and now watch as his successors go through the same. For the first time i (and the rest of the BOTS), went to LA Fest, not to participate, not to organise but watch and help as our juniors put up their own show. I t was good by the way dear junior reader. But none in any batch will agree that any other than theirs was the best and we are no different. But if you ask me, it all comes down to the quality of participation and by some luck we had better quality and quantity.

What was my role in this years ?

Every year it starts off with a load of seniors coming over for the “talk”. Few weeks before D-day me and a couple of my friends went to school, visited the present senior classes and we and DP gave them the start they needed. And then i had no news from that area for quite some time, other than that the boys were kinda finding it rather difficult in the absense of DP. By the way, they did well despite her not being there.

The next time i went there was the day before the grand show. And as usual half of the recent 3 batches passouts were there. LA Fest is kindof like a back to school gathering for the old boy. They, nah, we(i keep forgetting that now im one of THEM), were there, cleanin, sweeping , decourating, arranging, advicing, chatting and well enjoying. That evening i got and idea of what my role would be the next day. It seemed that they needed to make a video. And so it was that the next day i , with a borrowed camera set from a dear pal(Thanks Rohit), stood in the middle of the sutter hall for nearly seven hours shooting the thing while HAC screamed their lungs out on my left year and sanik plus santhomites on my right ear.(ouch)

It all seemed cliched. The same scenes repeating itself before me. Sometimes even the same dance teams doing the same dance to the same song. The videos not working at the last moment- a repeat from the last 4-5 years. The same schools sitting at the same places with the same teachers, cheering, yelling , howling, whistling, screaming… It all was a replay to me. But for two events which left a mark of difference.

First of those two memorable moments came when Sanik school dedicated a song to their friend who recently passed away. For one minute the audience from all the differnt schools, -with all their differences in opinions, difference in uniforms, difference in you name what- stood up together as one and payed their respects to the departed soul. Truely it was a soul stirring moment.

LA Fest usually saves it’s best for the last and normally they pull it off with a blast of a dance. But this time the special end to LA Fest came in a CD.. in a documentary that Krishnadev and co created to honour the pillar behind LA Fest. A documentary which paid tribute to DP. Just before the closing ceremony, they announced the screening of the documentary which began with “Long long ago , a woman set foot in loyola…” It went on to tell the story about how things would never be the same after and ended with “To us she was our DP. DP we miss you.. we love you…” And for the first and perhaps the last time the force behind LA Fest was herself forced on stage in front of the audience who once again put their differences behind, and rose to applaud the genius who kept the show running all these years. Amidst thunderous applause and tears she was helped on stage to address the gathering. She began with “childern of all the schools…” and put down in one minute what LA Fest had been to her and her students of all these years. And then a tear trickled down my cheek. It was one of those rare emotional moments which make me d that. That was what made me write about LA Fest again, though i had written twice about it already.

Twelve LA Fests gone. Thirteenth has been promised.(Thanks to princi) But now it suffers a setback. The pillar which held it up all these years, uprooted from the room to the right of the stage at the Loyola quadrangle .. and planted back at All Saints. Loyola’s loss shall indeed be All Saint’s gain. Will LA Fest survive it? This year my dearest junior’s did struggle and their efforts was not in vain.They did pull it off.. but will the next ones do?

lets wait and see….


[DP, if you ever read this, come back to us…. i mean go back to them(still hard to accept that we are not what we were last year) … they need you…]

This is the copy of the documentary shown on LA¬† Fest.. Watch…