It’s the circle of life…

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Technology-Reputedly the second best college in the city.
That is where i have ended up after years of not studying, one month of crash courses, one week of praying and three days of stu…err.. trying to study. Not to mention the six months or so of insufferable boredom we had to go through after the entrances ( all thanks to the super efficient government that we have elected). I’ve been to college like three days now. And can you belive so much stuff have happened in this short while ? READ.

Rumours about how things are run in this place reached me long before I even knew where the collge was situated- all thanks to the numerous seniors from our school who made it to the same college. For nearly a year Prasanth chettan has been telling me about how he barly knows the whole campus, how they call strikes for everything etc.

And one week ago I got a better idea about the strike part during my conversation with another Senior in messenger.

Senior: 2nd yr innu strike vilichu , we dint co operate
Syam Nath: lol why? strike for what ?
Senior : switch board il thottaal shock adikkunnu
Syam Nath : =))
Senior : pandu collgile maram vettiyathinu nammal s3 yil strike vilichatha

Also heard is that, they called a strike because of the smoke entering the campus while the road outside was being re-surfaced. πŸ™‚

Armed with the knowledge that life in this place was going to be a lot different from the life we have had at school so far, I and my father walked into the campus last wednesday to complete the admission formalities. On entry into the main building i was greeted by the sight of this chechi throwing her footwear at a chettan. (Probably her best friend)

Sometime later I was talking to Gokul chettan, neighbour and senior and asked him if he knew where Prasanth chettan, 2nd year was?. He decided that we go to his class and find out. We find out the 2nd year computer class and ask around for Prasanth to realise that he was not lying after all when he says he does not go to class. His own classmates do not know who Prasanth is. 😐

From nine in the morning till three in the evening, i was there and saw a couple of seniors being in the hall the whole time, confirming my belief that no one ever attended regular class in this place. Later i saw a senior and asked ” Chetto, no class for you now ? ”

“Njan cut adei” comes the reply)
“What about attendence? ”
“Aarelum proxy vilicholum”

At around noon i came across an other seniors from school and asks “Chettanum cut anno?” (You are also bunking classes??)
Comes the reply, “podei, i just came to college”

Ankane ADIKAM sambhava vikasankal ilate ah divasam kadannu poyi πŸ™‚

The next day our classes began officially in SCT. College inte sontham bus aaya KSRTC il annu nammal freshers inte yathra. What to do yaar… matte bus il keriya seniors chaps akum. That day evening, Nitheesh boarded the college bus to go home . Seeing that Rohit proclaims, ” De, avan bus il keeri.. naale shavam pongum”….
A Nitheesh who went into the bus all smiling and neatly dressed , tucked in etc…. came back the next day alive to the surprise of many. But the look on his face conveyed everything.

Even through hearing stories about seniors pickling the guys they got hold off and hearing more about them waiting for me(Thanks to our community activities on ) the classes were like throughly enjoyable; all thanks to some brilliant dramatic speeches by the SFI and some teachers.

First day itself the SFI unit marched into our building to give us the ROYAL welcome. We heard an argument down the corridor. From what we made out, some teacher had asked them to stop there. Odane vili thodanki ” pratishedham pratishedham… SFI yude pratishedham”..
A round of applause 2 minutes later made it aparant that they had been given permission to come in. In marches a gang of seniors with a white flag.They distrubuted sweets to the whole classs and then itself Oru chettan speech thodanki. Half way into it a guy from class stood up and interrupted the blood boiling words (which possibly would otherwise have fired up many a student into rebellion. )and asks, “chetta.. muttayi kiteela”
Chettan: “@!# $@#$#Q@$ ”
Shortly he went on to speak about the history of the organisation and ended it with ” … ankane SFI yude chengotta aaya SCT ileku ningalku hardavamaaya swagatham.. thats all.”
Nammal motham koode ezhunettu ninnu clap adichu.. oru period poyi kitti.

This was the first doubt that Akri (Arun Krishna) asked in his college life. “Iee SFI il cherunnatu enkana? “….comes the reply “atu avanmaru chertholum.. menakedenda”

The college, i have discovered, have some teachers who are much more interested in wasting time than the students. This new teacher called the attendance around three times in three different orders. Rojan remarks to me “iyaalu ollapo nammal enthina time waste chaiyan menakedunne”.(with him around why should we take an interest in wasting time) The next class he came and 5 minutes into class his mobile rang. He said he would come back in 5 minutes and our class waited for him the next whoe hour. Rojan again remarks: ” enikorappa.. ayaalu ALARM vechitu eranki poyata”(me thinks he purposefuly set the alarm to ring at this time.)

(entameee ..avanete koode irunna enne get out adikum.. seriously)

That day introduced to us another teache, who supposedly TEACHES us Basic electrical engg. He came to class and says “che why are all the books open. Close it.. first class alle.
Now about me. My name is <….>. And about the marking scheme. You neednt submit me any assignments. And your attendance also ..i will be giving you full 10 marks. Venel classil varam okay…pinne enne patti vere enthu ariyanam? njan married annu.. oru child ondu… and ente brother ondu.. hes not married…. aarkelum sister ondel nammalku alochikkam.. ondo ???”

“ivide lets behave like friends…. nammal ellam friendly aayirikum.. ninkalku ennodu enthum chodikkam.. venel theri vilikkam….but njan tirichu vilikkum… atum ninkalu sahikkanam . Anyone has any doubts about me?”

Me: “Sir ..nammalku oru cinema kaanan pokamo?”
Sir: “Eda mone .. njan kaanunna cinema ninakonnum kaaan kollathilleda”
Whispering from behind me: “iyaaalku oru childee olllaaa? ”

He goes on to tell us about electricity and ATTRACTION between particles thus : ” For example….. ivide evanmarrku(points to the boys).. ninakale kanda(the girls) bhayankara atttractionaa”.

A guy sitting in my bench is from Bihar. (I talked to him half an hour in malayalam without knowledge of the matter). To him the above sir says, “Oh malayalam theriyaata?… ”
A guy remarks: ” sir namal padipichu kodukunundu”
Sir “Nalla nalla THA KA PA MA.. vechokke olla words kondu thanne thodankanam .. kettode?”
(The said Bihari now responds with “sukham thanne” if you ask him his name).

All said and done, that sir is one of the best we came across.

Ankane paranju parnaju valare sambhavabahulamaaya oru class hour koodi avasanichu.

SCT is a new experience. To quote from DP’s note about an old poem, “It is the mourning about the passing away of one way of life… giving way to another. The never ending cycle of change. The circle of life”.
On the first day i learned that the current principal of SCT, who teaches me taught my dad in CE, THIRTY EIGHT years ago. Wow thats a long time. It feels weird to be taught by the same guy. Always keeps wanting to ask how dad was in class. Was he indeed as bright as he always boasts? heh. Another historic connection comes in , in the form of the PTA president who was my dad’s classmate the same thirty eight years back.
Yes the circle has come around. And to complete it… dad gave me the old protractor he used to take to college. It is yellowish in colour and looks like it belongs in the museum rather than in my bag. A piece of history…a piece of life for me now.

This post is written, all thanks to Felicity who gave me the idea and asked me to write about the beginning of college. It extends a very warm and heartful thanks to her, not only for the above but also for being the wonderfully warm and loving person and friend she is.

The author fears for his life in the eventuality that some of his seniors from college come across this post.
Allel thanneyum…mikkavarrum naale thanne enne seniors pokum… valatum bakki ondel avanmaru pickle akki oru matchbox(Athraye kannu) il akki… parcel ayakum. Had a slight disagreement with them. ah varunnatu varunnidathu vechu kaanam…
Pray for me.Thankoo..


13 Responses to It’s the circle of life…

  1. Jiby says:

    Syam, I sort of relived my first day in SCT through this post…cant believe it is 9 years now…this will remain my favorite post of yours. Even today my gang of friends joke on how in those first days we behaved, which part of class we sat, and how the ice slowly broke and we finally became the closest of friends. When I studied there, we boys had three ways to live in college…become the student “activist”, the alamban or the quiet studious guy…i slowly found myself taking that “middle” path…it was fun, dangerous and memorable, but like I scrapped you on Orkut it was also a waste of four years of life, when I was just ready to break out of the self-imposed mediocrity in Loyola. So yeah, dont lose a grip on what you want to do with your future, in the midst of all those heady times, that SCT sure will present you.

  2. Felicity says:

    Thanks bro. The post made me feel much better. Its nice to know that college has not tarnished your awesome sense of humour. πŸ™‚
    And all the best for college
    Hope you have a wonderful time there.

  3. Aardra says:

    hey syamy! awesome post… how come i dint see u at coll today? dint come? how’s ur health? truly AWESOME post!

  4. Though I’ve never been to SCT in my lifetime, I’ve actually FELT the college, thanks to my buddy Prasanth, who has this talent of recounting incident with the same sound & fury, sans any sheen. This post indeed reminds me of those countless hours of conversation we had over the college. And, as you’ve precisely mentioned, the slice of life of any SCT ian is a bit different from any other Engineering student in the city.

    However, I don’t concur with Jiby! [:D] I’m still of the opinion that your “49 class clowns” & “Friends never say goodbye…” were loads better!! Anyway, awesome presentation & wacky sense of humour!! I was literally chuckling during my voyage through your post!! Felt you should’ve cut down a bit on Malayalam usage, though.

    Way to go, buddy!!

  5. Ashok says:

    Good post, Syam. I’ve read all your posts and this one is my favourite (I second Jiby). My first day on campus was in 1991, and the SFI scene was similar. The teacher with his THA KA PA MA is a new-age phenomenon.

    All of you who post with Malayalam quotes should take note of Hari’s point about Malayalam usage. As a reader, I like Malayalam quotes because it often helps to capture the scene best. But if it is for authenticity that you are using Malayalam quotes, then you kill the flow/punch by providing a translation right next to it. For your non-Malayali readers, why not try some other method? Like, tool tip, or the method popular for providing expansion of abbreviations (with a mouse-over). Maybe there’s even a plugin for this purpose.

  6. Nitheesh says:

    de post ellam kollam. enthin aanu ende name kude parajnathu……adi ellam nee vangichal pore.enikkum koode vangichu tharano………and say hai to felicity…………..

  7. cynji says:

    syam ^:)^ hats off 4 ya……. πŸ™‚
    awesome wrk =D> !!!!!
    i’m l8 😦 ……. if i was der in sct now pakka i’ll be running to meet sch an awesome sir πŸ˜› !!!
    nyway countinue ur wrk….. it’ll be pleasure 4 typos lyk me 😦 (hu left sct) to get d update of thingies happenin der πŸ™‚ !!!!

  8. SCtian (G Batch) says:

    Circle of life is surely cool [:)]

  9. Sriram says:

    Heh..4got to comment on this 1…Pretty amazing post as usual….Very heartfelt as usual…I sorta felt a weird emotional element to this post-seeing the Loyolite child in u feeling stuck in a town full of sharks..hmm..But, ninakku SCT cherum..Im sure ull end up owning the place in 4 years time..njangal CET kaarkkum strike vilikaan SCTil kootu vende..appo namukku koodam machaa;)….hehe..keep writing.machaa…God bless!

  10. Prash says:


  11. vaish says:

    awesome syam,

    like DP sed to me… u r beginning to ryt very well.. and of course.. thouse punch lines of urs are killers.. enjoyed it a lot…make sure very time u ryt u pass a link to DP… she ll surely love it
    and me and her will have much more to talk abt…

  12. tony thomas says:

    da…seriously i never imagined YOU’d survive the first week at college….it seems that you are adept at adaptin to the way seniors expect us to behave ( temporarily)….
    PS: youre luck tht jolly studied in loyola!

  13. Thomas says:

    Being an SCTian + Loyolite………i can empathize………and it seems i was there right in the bus when u got ragged (evil smile)…………Was helpless dude!

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