LA Fest 2k6(The Formal)

la-fest-spiralling-away.jpgThe Brochure

The 25th of july 2006 will stick out in history as the day when the city stood still.The day when LA Fest went off with a blast. At 6 in the morning, the loyolites of 11th and 12th gathered in the school , eager to welcome the awaited guests to the school(under the expert supervision and watchful eyes of Mrs Deepa pillai as usual). The signal to begin the day came when St. Thomas Residential school’s bus rumbled into the Loyola grounds, with over 60 participants raging to take home the prestigious Nataraja. They were followed by St Thomas Central, Nirmala Bhavan, Mt Carmel , Christ Nagar ISC, Hss and CBSE, Holy angels ISC and CBSE ,Trinity Lyceum, Trivandrum International, BharatiyaVidhya Bhavan,Kendriya Vidhyalaya Patton and Pangode, Sainik School, Infant Jesus etc (and all the schools i forgot to mention), which made the total number come upto a record number of 16.The schools were warmly welcomed by the ushers from the 11th, who led them to their rooms and helped then around the campus the whole day. When all the participants had arrived and were seated in the Sutter Hall (which is around a quartr of a century old and has witnessed 10 years of evolution), the events of the day began after the inaugration by the chief guest, IG Arun Kumar Sinha. The 1st event on the stage was Harmony, which was started off by a song from the Loyolites and which saw the singers from the different schools making the hall resonate with their talents. After that the audience were entertained by the different schools participating in the Filme Duplicano. Then the crowd witnessed a battle between the four selected teams for the quizzers throne. After this all the schools proceded to the Loyola school Quadrangle to fill their bellies while being entertained by the loyola band playing music for them throughout. As soon as the lunch was over, the sleepy audience was whisked back into the auditorium by the ushers for the Block ‘N ‘Tangles event. After the battle between the BLock’N’Tangles teams, the crowd were suddenly pulled to their feet by the reincarnated event , the Mockie Talkie. The Sutter hall shook with the tremors of the applause as the panel and the contestants fought a war of wits, each trying their best to outwit the other. Each retort by either was cheered by the wonderful audience who had come all the way here to help make the party get off with a bang. The crowd who were warmed up by the Mockie Talkie were then sent into overdrive by the next event, unargueably one of the best ever- THE LA PERSONA!. The six finalists, filtered out from the 32 that appeared were caught up in the battle for the sash, during which was one of the best shows the Sutter hall had ever seen. The participants were judged on what they could do, and what they could not. The event which combined parts from Harmony, Dance’o’mania, and the likes of Block’N’Tangles drew huge cheers from the audience who had packed the hall to its fullest. After this came that which was probably the most awaited event of all- Dance’O’Mania. All 16 schools had registered for the dance . And as planned, all 16 pulled it off, rocking the stage and the hall with their brilliant dance steps and acrobatics. The committe had promised that LA Fest twenty oh six , would end with a bang and so it was to be. The last item was the dance by the Loyolites who had been preparing for the event for quite some time. The impact of the event was obvious from the reactions of the wonderful crowd. At the end of the fete the Sutter Hall was reverberating with cheers to the hosts. And then , as the school leader Aravind Menon said, all good things must come to an end. So was it to be with this years LA Fest. The chief guest for the closing ceremony Ms. Sayanoura , followd by the Principal , Fr Varghese Anikuzhy and the team of cordinators got onto the stage to give away the trophies to the winners and to convey the spirit of LA Fest to the other participants. And finally the moment to acknowledge the participation had arrived. St Thomas won the runners up trophy and the winners were Christ Nagar ISC school who took home the not famous NATARAJA. Vishnu R.C of Sainik School took home to sash for Mr. LA Fest while the Ms LA Fest sash went to Ms Medha of ST Thomas Central. The joy of the winners, the dissappointment of the other and the nostalgia of the former winners were apparant. Though the events and overall time got a bit stretched due to the quantity of participation, the quality was as high as always. The guests piled into their buses , taking home the trophies and cherishing the memories of the day- to keep forever. Their gratitude towards the hosts , for providing such hospitality was expressed with utmost sincerity. And so it was that the greatest day of the year had come to an end. The memories will linger on forever, in the minds of those all who were present for the fete. And those who were not , they shall think of it with regret. 11 years gone…more to come.. Loyola waits for everyone to come back next year. Viva la LA FEST.. VIVA LE DP!!!! adios!

Oh btw, in case anyone wants the la fest song…..

here it is.


9 Responses to LA Fest 2k6(The Formal)

  1. theloyolitediaries says:

    Ah sorry about all the typgraphical errors. This was done in a hurry.

  2. theloyolitediaries says:

    oh dont mind the dates. This was written the day of LA Fest 2006. A t midnight

  3. Noble says:

    Well friend though I did not read the entire Script put out here I like the very Layout and the stuff the beggining when I read this I will suggest my comments but good work da

  4. Hermione Ginger says:

    Hiya! I wish u had left some pictures of ur school. that would be really nice indeed and more stories could come yet! (i had made it short i hope! ;))

  5. The Quibbler says:


    i will be posting more soon ginger.

  6. gopu says:

    its a really superb work.i didn’t read the whole thing but i liked the presentation.

  7. Arjun Suresh says:

    Me too dint read the whole thing but liked the way u presented it……gud strt man!!!…n if u catch hold of the latest pics of the school n the auditorium post it!!

  8. jassie says:

    anyways 06 lafest rocked
    thanks to many
    but to frank the most kidu teacher who supported us to cut classes was joy sir.he rocked
    aliyo shyame danksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    keep posting
    eni ninne praise cheythilla ennu parayenda…………………..

  9. Vijai Krishnan says:


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