Friends don’t say goodbye. They say HELLO!


As i walked towards Loyola’s gates on one very ordinary evening of March, i turned back and realised that this was no such ordinary day, i realised that this is the last time i will walk through these gates wearing my school uniform. The day we had all been dreading for a year had come to pass. The boards were over and we were bidding adios to our second home. I guess none of us realised it at that moment, that life would not be the same anymore. No more waiting for the Loyola school bus. No more loving uncles to welcome you into the bus with a smile, and no more little children to wave at you and offer you seats. No more friends waiting to talk about every subject under the sun. (…And above it… damn Jayagopal and his astro physics).

Thomas “MACHAN”
After today there will be no more moments of joy, in that class above princi’s office. No more will our dear Madhu uncle be sent by princi to ask us to keep quiet. No more will we disobey and be sent out. DP giving us a lecture about our behavior in the very next class will now just remain in our memories(and in my camera). When the fourty nine of us meet again far into the future to rekindle the memories of our school lives, shall we still remember joking around here these thirteen years, playing bingo in maths class, getting sent out of computer class, poke fun at DP and”wondering” about the pretty girl in tuition class(Nitheeshe.. itu ninne udheeshichanu, ninne thanne udheeshichaanu…ninne mathraam uddeshichaanu…) or rushing off to mob Jose uncle for the football at noon. I guess most of you seniors ,if any, reading this post can identify yourself in these words and are already having memories of the journey in the school bus running through your minds.
Let me make a humble effort to jot down what Loyola has been to us. Let me try to pen down the events which stick out in my memory to stand as a memorial to the wonderful times i had with my brothers. At the beginning of the year itself there was this omnious realisation that by the end of the next ten months, all of us would part, each moving their seperate ways to seek their fortunes. I guess then itself the truth of seperation had sunk in, as DP had said, for at the end of the year we must have been the only batch in which no one burst out crying during the farewell day. School leader Aravind had to keep reminding people that we need to stop playing around during the candle lighting ceremony at least. (”Boys .. this is supposed to be a solemn occassion. Will you please remain silent at least now”; he said).

Twelth standard was a special year for me. But then i guess it was special for almost every student in every school around here. For me and my fellow Loyolites, i can say that it was the year we have enjoyed the most. We had the most of fun. It also has a halo of sadness surrounding it because its the last year you are going to be studying with the guys you had around for most of your life. Thirteen years in the case of a Loyolite. I do honestly feel that the joy i had in spending these thirteen long years here cannot be found else where , in any other school in any other place. Yes, i know that if you; from another school, are reading this; then you will tend to disagree. And im not argueing with you. But i can tell you that i feel for sure that almost everyone who has experienced this will feel its different.

The year started with the talk of LA Fest. After all that is the biggest event of the year for a Loyolite in his 11th and 12th.And if you have read the one i posted earlier you will see that it was one hell of an event. We rocked the world that day. It was our day. It would not be taken away from us by anything or anyone. I shall remember every moment of that day till i die. (Oh why bother.. i have the whole thing in DVD hehe).
I shall refrain from going into that further because im sure that i have bored you enough with that on the other two posts. A last word on LA Fest. DP said that the day after every LA Fest we have a LA Fest evaluation day. And this time she wanted that only after I settle all the financial affairs in order. Ok, you got it- we didn’t have an evaluation day this time around. ;)Thanks to me- as my friend Ashik commented- the Greatest management guru the 21st century has seen.(Thank you da. I’m honoured). And also , did i mention? I’ve been hiding from Fr. Edassery for the past one year almost. Like i see him comming and its “ABOUT TURN. RUN”.
(Can you believe that inspite of this, when i went to a LOBA meeting last October 2nd, i was asked if id wanna be treasurer next time around !!).

Sigh, a funny thought. But a sad one too. Thinking about joining the LOBA reminds me that i have no more of my school days left to enjoy.

So anyway, where was i? Oh ye. As twelfth standard students, we were expected to be studying 24×7. But WE had other plans:D(Ah maybe i shudn’t be so happy about that now, seeing that i just saw what i scored for my Kerala Entrance exams and one word. “DAMN”).
Thinking about the start of the year; one of the first things that comes to my mind was the frenzy to drop as many subjects as you could. As soon as he heard that we can drop an extra subject now that we have a compulsary option called EVS or environmental science, our one man army- (i mean … comming in at 240 pounds… its.. GANESH)- marched right into the principals room and asked meekly: “Fr, can i drop computer?”. And ugh, in no other school would a principal reply to it with “No, Don’t. You will break it”.

At the end of that month we had half the class dropping computer just to escape the .. er.. really nice computer classes that only THE GREAT Shijo sir could make so witty with his “jokes”. Though we all say that Shijo sir was unbearable;i will still miss his classes. He just was classic. Around 20 of us dropped both Computer and Biology. That meant we had eight classes free per week. The 1st week itself we were found playing in the grounds and Princi ordered that all our free periods were to be spend in the library. Ah, though we resented it, i think that has also given us some of the best memories. Chatting away in the only library in the world where the board reading “SILENCE” is the only thing obeying what it stands for. Some of the best chats that us droppers had were in that library.

The next thing that is marked in bold in the school calender is the Youth festival. Though all our seniors made the most of their last youth festival by participating in everything they could, Fr Varghese saw it unfit that the 12th take part in too many activities. We ended up seeing just the inaugration of the event. Maybe the future generations will have better luck. I know Fr Varghese won’t read this. But if he does i want him to know that the last youth festival is something to be cherished and he made us miss that experience. Another thing i felt we missed out was on us being denied the chance to make a farewell song at the school day. We had yet again lost out on an experience that our seniors had enjoyed over and over. Whether the audiences did, however, is another question altogether. I guess most of the class was pretty sour about it. So sour that during the last speech that Vineeth gave- at the farewell- he started talking about how we felt like we were kicked out of youth festival and how it felt bad that we had been denied the opurtunity to sing at the school day. He went on talking about how we want to be a part of such great events like the school day, the youth festical etc. He continued for so long that he had to be told off the podium(Why am i not surprised. BB is NOT known for his SHORT speeches)…….But i ain’t complaining. What this place has given us in 13 years- two small incidents won’t be the undoing of it all. The love that we absorbed from this place shall radiate out of us wherever we go. Friendships in Loyola are formed for life.

Thinking of sports,for once this year i wondered what happened to the LOBA(I am already forseeing all the comments my friend Vineeth or BB as we”lovingly” call him will have to say about SPORTS. Therefore i thank him in advance for NOT saying that). For the 2nd time i saw that the sports day lacked the presence of many old boys. The tug of war had to be conducted between the divisions of the 12th and 11th. How very unfortunate. Where are you guys? I know for sure that the same time next year i shall be there to answer that call. And perhaps as early as seven in the morning. I guess old habits die hard. I’ve been to every sports day since 7th standard as early as i could to help Jose uncle mark the spots and carry out the flags.I don’t have much to say about the basketball tournament this year. Let’s face it. Our team was CRAP. It was not even close to the teams that i had watched as a kid. The teams of Jian, Karthik and the rest of the legends. The teams who fought till the last second of the match. In this 13 years i think i remember us winning only once though.

Nikhil!! you lost something. In 11th standard Nikhil and i had this stupid bet going that i would take off half his moustache. And so at night, during the trip to Goa, he asked Amit to wake him up when he slept if Syam comes near him. As soon as he slept Amit says:”oi syaaam.. hes asleep.. come quick”. And i start working away with my razor, slooowly when suddenly our class teacher Prabhu sir appears and just takes off half of it. The picture Zubin took 10 seconds after that is posted on the link above :D.(The picture had to be put in the link because it was too large for a thumbnail) I have been part of thirteen picnics that our class went to. And this year was probably the last with all of us in the group. And we sure made it a memorable one. A five day trip to Banglore, Honganankal and Cochin, accompanied by our dear Vice Principal Fr. Edassery is sure to last in our memories for a LONG time. (At least, the Chicks there are HAWT man 😉 )

I guess Loyola has changed pretty much in the eyes of some of the really old boys. We don’t have the old forests anymore.But in its place stands what is supposed to be the skeleton of the biggest auditorium in Kerala. We don’t have the old junior school building that you loved. But i think even though it has changed physically, the atmosphere that you get ONLY in Loyola has remained the same. For one, i know that every Loyolite has at some moment or the other felt that this place was different. It had an aura that differentiated it from other places. And that aura is what will help pick a Loyolite out from any crowd. I’m sure that everyone one of the Loyolites reading this has at some time or the other been asked by a total stranger: “Are you from Loyola”. Yea, As Krishnadev Chettan tells me; you sure find more respect among people when you say that you were.. no ARE a Loyolite.

Reminds you of the ICE-CREAM SODA KYA ?This person Reminds every Loyolite of the hours he spend in the PT ground playing football. After all, you have to literally beg at his feet to get a the sports items ehWill you come into my parlour said the spider to the fly…:P

When i pen down these thoughts i know im saying what every Loyolite who passes through those gates had to say tell the world. I am sure that they all had the same thoughts and i am sure they can relate to me when i say i shall miss the old forests waving the branches of the casurina trees around,our football field where we made our own games and our own rules (the only league in the world with an option called GOALIE CHANGE), where even murder would not amount to a free kick, the old slides, the ice cream soda (slurrrp), Joseph uncles Parattas, our loving uncles and the rest of it all that makesLoyola, Loyola.


So many things to say. Our farewell, the last Sports day, the last march past, the last football match,the last Assembly, the last time all of us stayed 2nd trip and all sat together in the bus singing out as loud as we can. Hell, why am i saying “last”?? We shall after all meet again and come together many a time to relive the times we had together in this sylvian campus. The LOBA(Loyola Old Boys Association) shall still remain an integral part of whatever happens in this school.As they say, there is nothing called an “Ex” Loyolite. You just become an old boy. You are still a Loyolite.I say to the place which has been home to me for all these years and to all my brothers and teachers: “Goodbye. For now.. but not forever. We shall meet again.”

For, we set out now, in quest of excellence….

(I would like to convery my sincere thanks to Akhil Andrews, Ashik S. Kalam And Vineeth Krishnan for reading through and helping me edit the contents. I appretiate all your comments)


43 Responses to Friends don’t say goodbye. They say HELLO!

  1. karthik says:

    nice…..half moustache……..great article

  2. Hermione Ginger says:

    “As i walked towards Loyola’s gates on one very ordinary evening…………” Reading such a journal was really a new experience for me. Infact I hav never even gone through those school magazines where our friends wrote abt there experience there (unless u count the article my friend wrote abt leaving Neverland which was indeed the first one and indeed the one which I really keep in mind) and never did I usually find any interest in such articles – but this one is really different, in all ways. I am not singing about the one who wrote it but the events that made Loyola great. I have always wished to be a boy a born boy (I hate being a girl and dressed up like a boy but still I like george and the way she is ;)) and a born loyolite too (and don’t point out how silly and idiotic I am in saying this plz) and yeah I am obsessed with Loyola. I havn’t known much about this school for long just some friends and that too when I was small but then I found my friend who sang like anything about Loyola. Yeah loyola is that cool and that great. Itz really sad missing dear old friends but then u guys hav got LOBA where u r always welcome. And ofcourse itz amazing to say – “No, Don’t. You will break it”. When someone marched right into the principals room and asked meekly: “Fr, can i drop computer?”. And u r write for I believe no HM will ever say a thing like that 😉 I havn’t got many friends from loyola nor do I know much about ur school but then I heard from many of my friends especially the my gr8 friend from computer batch and ofcourse I do agree with them and u all too no one will miss their school like u loyolites do. Maybe I am saying this bec I completed my studies in 2 different schools. But still Loyola stands alone in fame and generosity. And I hav now got a good pic about many of the staff and ofcourse DP whom hav won many hearts and ofcourse ur dear princi and all. And about La fest – sorry that I couldn’t say much on this. I hav never come to any of it. Just heard of that too. But still I hav never heard of anyone spending 1.5 lakhs sure I never did believe that anyone will work for there school this damn. Surely u loyolites r the best apart from any other boys school in kerala or may be in whole india (I shouldn’t go to that extent, should I? :P) Loyola might have changed pretty well in the eyes of some of the really old boys and maybe u don’t have the old forests anymore but still the atmosphere that you get only in Loyola has remained the same and so it will always! Honestly if God ask me what I would like to become in my life I would surely say that I had been a boy who is lucky enough to study in loyola. (and pardon me if I hav said too much thatz all comments though! 😮 and I hope that the ones who asked me why I wanted to be a loyolite so much when I know nothing about it – well they hav just got the answer in here )

    And I assure u that I would like to read more and more about ur school.

  3. elvesbane says:

    Excuse me for not reading the whole thing. Humongous posts make me feel like I’m choking.

    And to answer your question…

    The WWW is in reality a SUB-DOMAIN of any ‘insert-site-name’. In this case (and so many other sub-domain web-pages) your blog is also a SUB-DOMAIN of wordpress. It takes the place of WWW.

    Think of WWW as nothing more than a directory holding default files for a site. Your blog is a separate directory under wordpress, and thus does not need WWW. This is a simplified explanation, and not really ‘correct’.

    P.S. Try uploading the pics to someplace like flickr and linking it here. It’s much more efficient. 🙂

  4. Syam Nath says:

    1st of all. I guess its pretty long. Sorry for boring you all with all the junk . But when i start , i just cant stop. Il try to contain it the next time.

    @hermione ginger
    dear ginger,
    I guess I or rather WE are all glad we have a fan out there. It’s nice to know that someone thinks so fondly of us. Thanks for the comment.
    But, huh are you out to beat my post with the amount of words in your post or something ? funneh.
    I appretiate you reading the whole lot. Do hop in again to check out the place. Ye and you will get to read more and more about my school. I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.


    Thanks for the comment even if you didn’t bother to read. Talking about humongous posts, just check the comment that girl has posted. GOSH
    And thank you for TRYING to enlighten me on the technical parts. Though i didnt get one word of it 😉

  5. Joshua says:

    I dunno what I’ll do when it will be my turn to say goodbye!

  6. Peter says:

    happy days may be ahead. who knows what the future holds. wish you the best of times. ill have a day like this just 10 months later. ill write abt it too.

  7. Sriram says:

    gr8 post..well, guess i kno how much Loyola means to u guys..Ur writin style of pennin down strait 4m ur heart-very impressive..u seem like a natural 2 me..keep on blogging!..peace

  8. Jayakrishanan S says:

    Quite emotional da.With my eyes well up,I wish u all the very best for the future…

  9. Syam Nath says:

    And im back,


    Well dear brother. When i was where you stand now, i myself said something like the same as a reply to a blog by one of my seniors who had just passed out. And i’m sure when your time comes you will know what to do. I mean, you are not the first. Nor will you be the last. Many a class before has gone through the same situations i guess, and they have not done that bad eh.

    [And an amazing co incidence. The senior i had mentioned 3 lines back has just popped up on google. (Kudos Hari)]

    @ Peter

    Sure da. Do write up and let us know how you fared in your journey.


    It has certainly been an honour that a Christ Nagarian has bothered to read this up and post a comment. Thank you my friend. 🙂

    @ JK

    I see you have just logged onto google talk. hehe Ironic. Anyway , Thank you for all the help you are providing dear brother .:)


  10. Akhil says:

    Nice posts, man… All i have to say is HELLO.

  11. Syam Nath says:

    Har har. Nice one Akhil.

  12. Subin George says:

    Good memories Syam….Proud to be a Loyolite!!

  13. rakesh says:

    nice one, syam! i’m missin’ everything, damn!

  14. Hermione Ginger says:

    really hoping to be a loyolite in next life (yeah i do believe in next life!)

  15. Syam Nath says:

    And im back

    Thank you chetta . Ye ive enough memories for many more posts. And i wanted to write one on the speeech that Vineeth and i made together at an assemmbly about how the school has changed. But i see that he has posted the same in his site. So i guess il go for another topic.


    I guess you realise that you are speaking for every Loyolite that left the school. :). Everyones gonna miss the place.


    Thank you my friend. Glad to know that you hold us in such high esteem. But, did you know, we had girls here once. hehe. Anyway, i don’t belive in a next life 😀

  16. Manuel says:

    good job syam . . .

  17. Robin says:

    Ure makin me cry…

  18. gopu says:

    nice job,syam.full credits to you

  19. The Quibbler says:

    Thanks for the wonderful comments people. Enough to keep me going these days hehe.

    @manuel. Thank you dude. Do read the upcomming posts.

    @robin. Gosh i dint know ANYTHING could make you cry. I need to write on that hehe.

    @gopu. Thank you da. glad you read it

  20. Jijo says:

    thamks da for bringing everythin bac to our memory

  21. gayathri says:

    er…..good photos [:D] hahhahhaaa
    hope you’ll display one more!

  22. bibinhio says:

    Syam thnx 4 appreciating wat ad and ashik and i did…
    but u better take a look at the spelling of appreciate!!!…

  23. The Quibbler says:

    hah . thanks 😀 BB’inhio
    il let it stay there…. or ur comment would look stupid
    may that be a testimonial to you 😛

  24. George says:

    de,u failed 2 mention my name, atleast for the dubious distinction of taking the most number of leaves in the class and ending up with DP & co. cursing me each and every time !
    but to say the least u did a wonderful job of creating such a beautiful diary…it actually helps me relive the twelth (eventhough i was absent for the majority of those days!)
    man,u deserve some credit,cheers!

  25. The Quibbler says:

    thanks da…
    wait up i have another article in the making
    and after that im writing about the BOTS
    then surly you will bem mentioned brother

  26. vaisakhi and neha says:

    we are from holy angels isc school…2006 07 batch.. and we wud jus like to say.. it is a very well written memoir of the golden years of school life.. we appreciate it a lot cause as we read thru it.. it reminded us of our HA ISC incidents and memories in our school.. it was jus fantabulous .. like u said everyone has their own memories abt the school and we relived them thru ur article.. and we also agree that we too have lots of wonderful memories of loyola even though we got very limited time in the campus.. and let us tell u definitely u have created a desire a wish deep in our heart that if we could be boys we could be LOYOLITES 🙂

  27. The Quibbler says:

    @neha and Vaisakhi
    Thank you for the kind words. and yes i have heard of you from a mutual friend. And il tell you , your not the 1st girls whom i have heard wishing that you could be boys hehe. Cheers
    and why don’t you write one of your own. 🙂
    thanks agai

  28. rohit says:


  29. tony thomas says:

    man…to think i dint experience this emotion 2 years ago…bah..i hav a heart of cold stone anyway..

  30. jOe says:

    damn..!! why do you hv to come up with articles like these juz to make us sad! & tht too,, my batch has been forced to leave evn before the real fun strts..double damn!! :(..but yea,, no matter wht we’ll alwayz be attached to this wunnerful institution..>

  31. Sandip says:

    I agree with Joe..Like atleast you guys had an idea that you were going o leave,,but imagine us..One fine day in a wunnerful summer some1 calls up frm school telling us you cant study here next yr…How bad is that….
    But seriously about the article..Itz awesum….itz really realy good..You should seriously take up journalism or something….It is honestly superb

  32. The Quibbler says:

    Ah well brother. Different people; differnent feelings. 🙂
    Thanks dear neighbour, for that comment.
    But you see i do not intend any offese to your batch hehe
    Things happen i guess. All i have is a load of pity. pity that life here for you were cut short by 2 years. Alas.

    Thank you too neighbour. I’m sure the remourse you feel is far greater than ours. We were not in such a bad condition for i remember no single tear did spill at our farewell. WE were well aware of the fact that we had to split.. ages ago.
    And journalism. hmm you are not the 1st to suggest that to me and that option is not out of consideration hehe
    Thanks again

  33. tony thomas says:

    VARUN ( WHY???????)
    VIJAI KRISHNAN (itz his fault alrit…)
    the list of the damned goes on….
    One fine day in a wunnerful summer some1 calls up frm school telling us you cant study here next yr….

  34. Hey,Good picture blog man…i was at Loyola from 1985 to 1998 yep all the way from ukg to the 12th….feeling pretty old now :)…u brought back quite a few good memories…n the pictures were nice too…even i was at Loyoal last month,had met DP too…ya the place has changed,but I think the spirit and the Loyola touch stays on…good blog man..keep writing 🙂

  35. San says:

    ‘Lo Syam. Nice work. Looks like you had a pretty good time in school, didn’t you? Don’t feel sad about leaving school and stuff (i’m sure you wouldn’t want to stay in 12th all your life :P). Anyway, perhaps the rest of your life will be just as good. Good luck!

  36. GopiKrishnan says:


  37. Prasanth says:

    This one is simply wonderful. It definitely takes something more than good typing speed to write such an enormous article. I must admit that I have been a silent reader all this while. But this one is too good. Just out of words.

    Rattling snakes! How long did u take to type this one? 😀

  38. Rakesh says:

    Goodbye Syam,
    Da…We started going for picnics only from 2nd STD.So that makes it 11 that u have gone 4.But in essence,u r right…it was worth much more than 13. One more thing to say… BB not known 4 short speeches…..u not known 4 short articles…but u both do it well…so i guess it is more than OK with us.

  39. Ginger says:

    hey quibbler I thought u will hav to say more. why don’t u write more. anyway so far it hav been really…….. well i am looking forward to hear more of ur school – second loyola fan known to u. just kidding!

  40. The Quibbler says:

    @ San
    thanks to you too dood.

    Same to you brother…hoping to post in a while again 🙂 do read

    @ prasanth
    Heh i thought you said you do not comment on blogs 😀
    thanks again

    i like the sstyle and the pun on your comment Rakesh. Thanks for reading. Cheers

    Thanks for visiting again Ginger. but you commented in the wrong Post.. lol

  41. Doe says:

    Good site! I’ll stay reading! Keep improving!

  42. jogos says:


    […]Friends don’t say goodbye. They say HELLO! « The Loyolite Diaries[…]…

  43. Joeann says:

    I am really impressed with your writing skills as well as with thhe layout on your blog.

    Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself?
    Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to
    see a ice blog like this one these days.

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